My name is Lauren Roberts,

I am the founder of this heart led and high vibrational space. Rise Up Live Bright is a heart led business devoted to guiding you and as many people as possible to their self love and healing. This is a space for you to unlock your true potential, connect and harness self love, shine bright, and heal in your own unique way. I am a Self Love Mentor, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, Intuitive, and what it means to be a healer is always evolving. As a true modern day healer I am  always expanding my knowledge and education to serve my clients and community in the highest of energy. I am dedicated to guiding you to activating the healing within yourself and the ability to love yourself.  

I am so blessed you are here and look forward to being your guiding light on your journey. 

Let’s Connect!

The Journey

I began the journey of finding my purpose and passion at a time in my life when I was tired of playing small and taking on the victim role. I was walking through this life with a blindfold on and allowing the world to have power over my story. I would take on the stories of others and the conditioning of the world as if they were my truth. I was done dimming my light and not loving myself fully.

You know what I did? I gave myself permission to sit on a pillow and meditated. What I experienced within those moments is unexplainable.The only way I know how to describe it is a feeling of unconditional love. 

I opened my eyes, and the azaleas that were right outside my window seemed brighter and more beautiful than ever before. Tears rolled down my face as my soul's purpose was awakened. I knew at that moment; this was the beginning of the rest of my life.

I am here now living in my truth and purpose. I am here to serve individuals by guiding them to connect with their inner love, light, and the healer within.  Spirit shows me the path time and time again. My gifted title is Healer and what it means to be a healer is infinitely evolving. 

I began this self love practice in 2017 and through my own experience I fully uncovered my clairvoyant gifts. I founded Rise Up Live Bright, developed The Self Journal, The Self Journey, and launched a podcast called Rise Up on the Porch. I have also received multiple certifications in my field including Master Reiki Certification in 2021, harnessed the gift of sound healing, and currently obtaining a certification in EFT and TFT. I  have an open channel for spirit to work through, this is the most profound gift, and allows me to connect with those on a soul level during healing

My message to you is this, you are worthy, capable of healing, and shining your light bright! You have the power of choice, and that one choice to take the first step on a self love journey, is the first step to the rest of your life.

The journey is waiting for you to walk upon.

You got this! It is time to explore your own landscape and reconnect with Self Love!

Heart Lead Offerings

~ All offerings are cultivated with the highest of energy and integrity ~

Self Love Coaching Journey

An in-depth healing Journey devoted to healing the relationship with self love and connecting with the ability to love yourself.

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1:1 healing sessions devoted to awaking the healing within yourself through different healing modalities.

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